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To all of our valued and trusted customersand friends,

On behalf of the team here at Sportwise in these extremely difficult and challenging times I felt it was right to update you on our situation and approach to the current situation.

For the past thirty years we have endeavoured to work in partnership with yourselves to enable you to promote your valued products and services through the ultimate marketing medium of sport. The current, tragic events have caused us all so many difficulties. First and foremost our hearts go out to those casualties of recent events and their loved ones, and no doubt the many to come – no words. Secondly to the many, many affected by the results of such – again no words. We, like all of you,are suffering and struggling with managing the consequences of such. Our priority is to look after our staff and their families during these horrible times whilst making every endeavour to ensure,come the better times, and they will come, that they have secure and better employment for them and their families the other side. Sport will phoenix and continue to be a bedrock of our society. It will continue to be a key element of our whole society. When is unknown but the sooner the better. We are in close liaison with our clubs and will keep you updated but we are all agreed that when we pass the worst sport will be a critical element of re-building our society and it can notcome soon enough.

As a company we have enabled all of our staff to work from home so they can continue to liaise with yourselves during these troubled times. Like you we have bills to pay and have to find a way for business continuity. We are talking daily to our clubs and our only priority is to work with you as fellow businesses whether micro, SMEs, or Corporates to ensure, in partnership, we come out the other side of this stronger and ready to hit the ground running. I will issue regular updates specific to our Industry and both my team on their individual numbers or me personally on or 07880-493464 are available 24/7 to talk, assist as required. We want to plan forward and look after all to promote open for business asap through the best possible medium and work together to be intelligent regarding payment terms.

I own the company and hold the final say on all payments. For reference I own/part own/ advise to many SMEs alongside Sportwise which I own outright – I am 55 and have 30 yrs plus in business (SME, Corporate, Private Sector, Public Sector and Third Sector) and my passion now as always is helping SMEs, Corporates, Educational establishments and Charities in all sectorsto thrive and survive- my passion has never been stronger – as SMEs we are 80% of the UK economy and we will remain such working together, as Corporates we are business critical, as Educational establishments  we are societally and business critical and as Charities well never have they been so critical!

I am endeavouring to keep my team working to the benefit of all of us – in tragic times we are sat on an opportunity to survive and thrive through sport – please call anytime and let’s fixate on the positives and prepare for the aftermath of this tragedy

With thanks

Jon Barrett


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