Official Fixture Cards


Yorkshire County Cricket Club have commissioned Sportwise Marketing once again to produce their Official Fixture Cards for the season. We would like to offer you this opportunity to appear on this publication. Here are a few details about our Fixture Cards.

Publication Details

The official gloss art fixture cards are gatefold. Fully extended they are 19.2cm x 9.5cm. The front cover has photographic images of the star players, ground or action shots of the team and states they are the official fixture cards for the current season.

The design on the front cover continues onto the back panel which contains all the club contact details, location maps and the sponsors logo's.

When the front cover is opened it reveals a 6.5cm x 9.4cm full colour advert. The card then folds outward which will expose three centre panels. These contain all the home, away and any international matches to be played throughout the season.

Distribution Details

The official fixture cards are produced to make the supporters aware of the matches played throughout the forthcoming season.

They are distributed extensively by both Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Sportwise Marketing. They are received by all corporate customers, sponsors, season ticket holders, members and to the public via the club shop.

The cards will be carried around by thousands of people throughout the county, which means your advert will be in thousands of pockets for the full six month season.

You will be sent 50 copies as a goodwill gesture to disseminate yourself to your own customers or clients.

We would like to offer you this unique opportunity to generate more business for your company in affiliation with the club.

 Prices: Please call us on 01332 253600 or email for current prices.

We can receive artwork in many various forms:


Payment Options

  • I wish to pre-pay by Cheque or Credit Card within 7 days to claim 5% discount.
  • Invoice 7 days after proof of advert.

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