Official Year Planner


Northampton Saints have commissioned Sportwise Marketing once again to produce their Official Year Planner. We would like to offer you this opportunity to appear on this publication. Here are a few details about our Year Planners.

Publication Details

B1 in size, printed in photo quality full colour. The Official Year Planner includes a full working SASCO calendar, a holiday planner, club directory & information, with the banner and emblem emblazoned across the top to keep an emphasis on club colours.

  • SASCO Calendar
  • Holiday Planner
  • Club Directory
  • Club Information
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Distribution Details

The Year Planners take pride of place on the office walls of all the business associates, hospitality users, corporate clients and suppliers of the club. This will provide sponsors and company associates with invaluable information happening throughout the year at the club.

The Year Planners are hugely popular with the clubs sponsors and have a lifespan of one year commencing in January.

Businesses will utilise this Planner to plan staff holidays, meetings, corporate events and seminars. This will enable you to reach a huge potential target audience, network your services and profile your company.

 Prices: Please call us on 01332 253600 or email for current prices.

We can receive artwork in many various forms:


Payment Options

  • I wish to pre-pay by Cheque or Credit Card within 7 days to claim 5% discount.
  • Invoice 7 days after proof of advert.

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